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Cost: $9.99


Athletic Trainers, are you tired of filling out countless injury reports and SOAP notes? Then having to keep track of them all? Why not try Athletic Trainer!

This app allows you to create an account to fill out, keep track, and manage all of your reports! Your data is securely stored, so you can access your data from any Athletic Trainer program you log in on. Forgot your password? No Problem! Settings and password resetting are both available.

*Fill out SOAP Notes and injury reports on your iPhone or iTouch
*Manage, update, and save SOAP Notes
*E-Mail reports to anyone for easy transfer, printing, and filing
*View reports on your iPhone
*View reports on your PC from the convenience of your E-Mail

NOTE: You must have an active internet connection to use Athletic Trainer.




This is a very good tool to have at a LAN for coaches

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