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iFalldown 2 Released

The awaited sequel to iFalldown has been released! This sequal has new features, sounds, powerups, tweaks, and more high scores! To check it out you can see it on the iTunes App Store.


Here is the description from iTunes:

iFalldown 2 is an exciting, fast paced game where you guide a ball through a maze of blocks while avoiding being pushed away. The maze begins to move faster and faster while you avoid losing control!

Get the Achievements! Achievements are awarded in iFalldown 2 for getting certain scores, getting bonuses, and more! Once you get all of the achievements you will be awarded with a special prize that allows you get higher scores and improve your placing on the high score list!

Bonus points are awarded throughout the game to help you get the highest score possible!

Try and get the highest score! An online high score list is kept and you can try and reach #1! Just remember to submit you score once the game is over.

Powerups! Use powerups when you are in a tough spot! Two powerups 'Ghost' and 'Bomb' will let you go invisible and explode and nearby blocks! Use these strategically to last as long as possible through the maze.

Sounds! Sounds and Music make the game more exciting! These can be turned off in the Settings.

Controls: Use your iPhone or iPod's accelerometer to control your ball through the maze. Tilting left and right move the ball and tilting up and down help control the speed you are falling.

This is a fun game for everyone from young children to adults!

"Grrrrrrrreat! Great Time Killer! No problems at all."

"It's a fun game to play in your spare time!"

Check it out, download it and let us know what you think!


Last Updated on Sunday, 03 January 2010 14:07

Athletic Trainer - Android

TH Software has just released out first ever Android Application! We have ported Athletic Trainer from iPhone over to Android. You can download the application from the Android Market by searching for 'Athletic Trainer' or 'TH Software.'

The Android version will also sync with any iPhone versions used. For example, a team of doctors could share one Athetlic Trainer account and all reports will be synced across all phones, whether they are Android or iPhone!

Below is the application description:

You can create an account to create, manage, and update all of your injury reports and SOAP Notes!

* Fill out SOAP Notes
* Create, Manage, Update, Save
* E-Mail Reports
* View on Phone
* View on PC
* Secure User Accounts
* Reset Password

NOTE: Need Active Internet Connection

You can see the promotional PDF for Athletic Trainer here.




MLG Insider: Halo 3 Timer Tips and MLG News

We have just released 'Halo 3 Timer Tips and MLG News' in conjunction with MLG Insider! Here is the description from the App Store:

"Timer: This app times the Sniper, Rockets, Overshield, Camo, and Mauler for both 15 and 30 minute games in MLG Matchmaking Settings. Both a horizontal and vertical views to offer more information on the screen.

MLG News Feed: This is a true RSS feed from, the largest and most well recognized independent news source that covers Major League Gaming. Get the fastest new and breaking stories here first!

Tips: This is a tips database for MLG Matchmaking Settings and Gametypes. These tips are from the Best Coach in Halo 3, xXx, the coach of the top professional Halo 3 team, Instinct.

*** Future versions will contain a Halo 3 Slayer Weapons Timer and Premium Map and Strategy Walkthroughs ***"

And here are some screenshots of our new App:


Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 August 2009 23:44

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I love this game... it is simple, immediate, and very very fun!

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